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Best Batman Actors of All Time



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Best Batman Actors of All Time, Let’s Check Out The List

Best Batman Actors of All Time; Batman, The aptly named DC Comic book hero, has a prominent place across popular culture. The most famous superheroes in the world, Batman’s acclaim continues to grow with every generation and with each new film of Batman. The most recent film, Matt Reeves’ The Batman, brought a different variation of this cape-clad crusader (the third time in the past two decades), giving new life to the character by taking Batman back to his detective roots. The strategy worked, pulling in an incredible $134 million box office opening weekend haul. The billionaire Bruce Wayne would admit that’s not bad for a start.

In celebration of the film’s debut, here’s a look at who’s the most effective Batman out of all. Certain actors are better than Bruce, and some are superior to Batman, but only a handful of actors are capable of playing two sides. Which one ultimately prevailed? Take a look at the rankings, arranged in order of worst to best.

George Clooney Batman 01
Best Batman Actors Of All Time 28

9. George Clooney

George Clooney as Batman in ‘Batman & Robin’ (1997)

Although there are attempts to revive the Joel Schumacher Batman sequel to be a campy classic (the design of the production is stunning, in its own right, and Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy is a masterclass in committing to the ugliest of scenes), George Clooney’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman of Batman & Robin doesn’t work because the film doesn’t perform. Clooney does his best performance; his charisma is perfect for Schumacher’s sultry billionaire playboy. His Batman portrays the excitement of being able to play with all of his fantastic toys. It’s a pity that all the other parts of the film do not quite reach the same level as his.

Featured Facts Dc Comics Readers Should Know About Val Kilmer Batman
Best Batman Actors Of All Time 29

8. Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer as Batman in ‘Batman Forever’ (1995)


The first Schumacher Batman film is live-action and a fitting sequel to Adam West’s lively show, thanks to the absurdity of Jim Carrey’s character–and it’s a far better version than what you’re used to from Val Kilmer. Being stuck in an echo of Michael Keaton’s first version, Kilmer makes the role his own due to his physicality, setting a new standard for how Batman should appear and behave within the cowl. Kilmer helps keep the character on solid ground Forever amid a storm, where Carrey could threaten to pull the film off course every turn. We might look at Kilmer more fondly if we didn’t have to endure the burden of such a violent film.

Best Batman Actors Of All Time
Best Batman Actors Of All Time

7. Adam West

Adam West as Batman in Batman, a TV series

In Our Joker rank, Adam West perfectly inhabited the capacity to bring the comics’ zany tales of comics from the Silver and Golden age Batman comics to life. The stories in those comics are rare in the present, and West’s spirited performance appears unsuited to our contemporary era. But, West captures the thrill of what it was to be a billionaire’s bank account and fight crime like a Zorro-like character, who did not take his role too seriously. Much more cartoonish than Batman: The Animated Series, The West’s Batman, will forever have an essential role in the annual celebrations of characters’ the past.

Will Arnett The Lego Batman Movie 1
Best Batman Actors Of All Time 30

6. Will Arnett

The Lego Batman (2017)

The most memorable Batman stories focus on actively wrestling with the history of the character and re-forming the character into something fresh. The Will Arnett film Batman in the same manner in that the Lego version focuses on his rich background and reconstructs it from brick to brick. Lego Batman is entirely alone and is characterized by his love of creating with dark colors and constant reminders that he’s filled with darkness and no family until he discovers he has a place with his peers and his new family. It’s a single thematic note to play, and the metacommentary may annoy certain people. Still, we believe it to be an intelligent and clever approach to play with the expectations of one of the most loved pop culture characters.


5. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck as Batman

The Zack Snyder era of Batman is full of highs and lows; however, the ultimate height is Ben Affleck’s Batman. Batffleck is among the unique interpretations of Batman. Older with grizzle and full of suffering and angst, this Batman portrays those he kills in a brutal way to express his unrelenting sense of revenge. The size of a man, with an outfit to match, Batffleck is a slasher, perfectly replicating the Batman’s appearance and feel depicted from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. His physique alone makes his Batman plausible as the only person who is or could be able to take on Superman in a battle against Superman. As smug as Affleck is, the Zack Snyder film Justice League spends a considerable amount of time deconstructing the menacing version; the result is a much more heroic take, one which allows the human side that is Bruce Wanye to shine through. It’s a complex portrait of the character, and it’s likely to get older as audiences move further from the Snyder story’s drama.

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Best Batman Actors Of All Time 32

4. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson as Batman in ‘The Batman’

The ink remains incredibly wet from Robert Pattinson’s Batman time, and his bold thinking style is evident on his very first. Matt Reeves’s director largely extricates the Bruce Wayne component from the overall Batman concept, which results in an intense, mask-wearing film to allow Pattinson to contemplate. The actor portrays Batman as a curse, trapped in a state of darkness for a significant portion of the film’s duration. Pattinson’s more investigative-focused Dark Knight allows for new dimensions that help further separate his performance from other actors on this list. If anything, Pattinson has firmly established the character as his own, and we’re eager to see how his character will evolve and change over time.

164122 Happy 30Th Birthday 2020 10 09T153051799
Best Batman Actors Of All Time 33

3. Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton as Batman in ‘Batman’ (1989)


You never forget your first. The actor was slammed at the moment of his casting; Keaton’s career before Batman was mostly comedic-based, the actor soon won over viewers with his engaging performance. Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne isn’t holding together and often watching decades of pain and grief burst forth when he least expects it. Despite his lack of emotion, Keaton still believes in being a hero. The way Keaton swaggers into action is reminiscent of thrilling adventures of pulp fiction. The fusion of the two halves results in an engaging performance, a significant influence over all depictions that portray the role. It will be interesting to discover how Keaton interprets his character in the future when he returns to his position in The Flash and Batgirl later this year.

Christian Bale Batman 1024X697 1
Best Batman Actors Of All Time 34

2. Christian Bale

Christian Bale as Batman in ‘Batman Begins’

Christain Bale is one of our best actors, who bring the method (read professional actor) approach to blockbuster films. His intensity level is perfect to Christopher Nolan’s diorama-like cinema making and creates a Batman that you would never wish to walk into the darkest of alleys. Despite all Bale’s brilliance, he encapsulates his Bruce with a breathtaking public image (asshole Bruce Wayne is a brilliant choice) and an incredibly vulnerable character. In more ways than any other Batman, Bale’s version is beaten only to rise every time. In the words of another hero, the legendary actor, he could play this throughout the day. Perhaps that’s why Bale resonates, and he’s the hero we’ve been waiting for.

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Best Batman Actors Of All Time 35

1. Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy as Batman in ‘Batman: Mask of the Phantasm’ (1993)

Through the years of animated films, Conroy has played every one of the characters of the world’s most famous detective, whether it’s a hero, crusader as the symbol, the dispatcher of vengeance, or even the investigator, all performed in a manner that is often seen as the definitive version of the character. The character’s (excellent) voice actor has produced an uncompromising portrayal of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, understanding that they aren’t the same without the other. Although Conroy’s dual-act continues to wrestle with the same amount of hurt, he’s also the hero, acting with good intentions to defend Gotham and its inhabitants. Through his 30-plus years of experience, Conroy has managed to dive into the emotion–and most importantly, Batman’s humanity and create each layer of the unique character. Conroy ensures Batman lives in the minds of millions of Batman avid fans through his only voice. “I am vengeance. It is night. It is Batman,” he once famously stated. This statement is unquestionably accurate.



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