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Deepthi Musley A Lyricist, Poet, and A New Upcoming Best Seller

Lyricist, Poet, and Creator of song videos Deepthi Musley launches her first bi-lingual book in Hindi with English translations of her poems, Trivenii, and lyrics.



Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley:

Lyricist, Poet, and Creator of song videos Deepthi Musley launches her first bi-lingual book in Hindi with English translations of her poems, Trivenii, and lyrics. The fragments of her heart are put together in this book for readers to re-live and relish their experiences of life, love, pain, divinity, and happiness in the feelings the words have to offer in this book- Kuch Purzay Dil Kay.


If you are in love, passionate about something, exploring life and self. If you wish to understand love is divine and re-live some precious moments of your life, then you should read Kuch Purzay Dil Kay and see your heart reflect in the mirror of Deepthi’s poetries and words. The book Kuch Purzay Dil kay, published by Author’s Ink Publication from Rohtak Haryana, is available globally online and in book houses across India. Passionate about writing, Deepthi Musley hopes to work with many more musicians and collaborate with artists, write stories, and publish more books.


Deepthi Musley Work

Deepthi Musley is known for her lyrics for the song No Man Will Ever Love You Like I Do for Raghu Dixit. She is known for her lyrical work and video scripting for songs like Tasiir for the artist Bhavna Menon, the lyrics of which are one of the fragments of her heart that you can read in this book. Deepthi believes that music has been a sole divine source that has made a writer out of her.


Her true inspiration to write has been the musical compositions of some of the many songs like Asar, Tasiir, and Laazmii, the lyrics of which are a part of this book. She believes life is baseless without love and her love for some deep musical compositions that she had the privilege of writing lyrics for helped her words bloom as divine. The lyrics of some of her songs effortlessly found their course to the paper on which she penned these songs when she listened to the compositions. It seemed as though they were hiding in the secret chambers of her heart until then.


Deepthi Musley

Deepthi Musley


Deepthi Musley upcoming project

Kuch Purzay Dil kay is a simple yet beautiful collection of poems and Trivenii written in Devanagari script using Hindi, Hindvi, and Urdu words. In the words of Prof. M Nooruddin Sayeed of India Urdu Institute, “Deepthi Musley’s poems have compelling intensity and depth of feelings. She has successfully surmounted what appears unsurmountable in expressing her life’s experiences.” 


Columnist and writer Ritu Garg in her foreword on the book, writes, “Kuch Purzay Dil Kay by Ms. Deepthi Musley stirs the deepest recesses of one’s soul through its evocative expression of love and all things in life. If I were to create an imagery of the effect of these poems, it seems like the poetess, has poured the silvery and soothing moonlight on a seeker’s parched palate”.




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