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Interview With Manu Kumar Lal Author Of The Book “Miracles Over A Cup Of Cappuccino”

Interview with Manu Kumar Lal Author Of The Book “Miracles Over a Cup of Cappuccino”



Interview With Manu Kumar Lal

Interview with Manu Kumar

Interview with Manu Kumar: Manu Kumar Lal completed his schooling from Modern School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, then did his Graduation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, South Campus, New Delhi and finally pursued Post Graduation from Coventry University, United Kingdom.

He is the Managing Director of Silverlining Hospitality Private Limited and a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker working diligently on his inspirational initiative: SatyaVachan: Words TRUEly Matter.

Interview With Manu Kumar Lal
Credit: Manu Kumar Lal/ Insta

A few words can describe the person and personality of Author Manu Kumar Lal:

A StoryTeller by Heart.

A Believer in the Power of Words.

A Cancerian who Dreams.


An Optimist who Believes that Miracles do Happen.

  • Tell us something about your Book? Is this your first book or do you already have a hand in writing?

Miracles Over a Cup of Cappuccino is My First Book. I have written a few short stories also in the past but nothing is in the published domain apart from this Book for the time being. Miracles Over a Cup of Cappuccino is a Book Full of  Heart, Hope and Healing. Deals with the importance of having the presence of Love, Respect and Understanding in RelationShips, FriendShips, PartnerShips and CompanionShips.

  • How did you first get involved in with writing, are you an imaginative person?

I refer to Myself as a Cancerian Who Dreams. Like any other Dreamer, I too am an imaginative person who Dreams with my eyes wide open sometimes. I believe that only if You Dream of something in life can You ever achieve it with persistence and consistence in your efforts. I have always penned down my thoughts in pieces of paper for as long as I remember. Miracles Over a Cup of Cappuccino also germinated from thoughts, ideas and stories written on sheets of paper at one point of time in my life.

  • What do you find most challenging about your writing?

I am a First time Writer transforming and transitioining into an Author with My Book Miracles Over a Cup of Cappuccino. Writing a Manuscript is comparatively easy though still challenging at times as compared to actually getting the Manuscript published and turned into a Book. The challenge while writing a Book is making sure You have a proper Storyline, well etched characters and making sure the flow of the story is slow yet steady to keep the Reader’s interest and mind hooked and booked into the Book.

  • Have you ever experienced any writer’s Block when you were writing your book If yes, what did you do to conquer it?

Being a First time Writer I was never pressurised by anything as there were no set dates to publish my Book or submit my Manuscript. Writer’s Block is like a desert oasis. If You enter the Desert, You will encounter the oasis at some point. But a New Writer is not entering a desert but a World of Fantasy and that’s a fascinating World to experience and explore. My advice for Writer’s New or Old facing this phenomenon of a Writer’s Block will be to relax, rejuvenate, recharge your senses time and again to increase your quality of work and output.

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Credit: Manu Kumar Lal/ Insta
  • What do you do when you are not writing?

I love spending quality time with my Family. Family matters most to me. I also like to listen to music, go for walks, play tennis and ofcourse read books.

  • What do you envision yourself doing in the next six months, or 5 years from now?

‘LIVE IN THE NOW’…My Life Mantra. Your Present moment is all You have with You that belongs to You completely. Love it. Live it. To the Fullest. I am an Author Right Now. What will I be or Where will I be tomorrow, the day after, in the next 6 months or the next 5 years, I don’t envision, think about or really know at all.

  • How do you keep coming up with material / content for your story?

Content is King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Citizens and the Whole Kingdom. Content is the Foundation of any story. If You are a Dreamer then Content aka Stories are revolving in Your head at all times. Observing the people and situations around You is the best way of sourcing content for Your stories especially for Fiction Genre.

  • What are your best tips for writers who are just beginning their journey to break into the world of books?

The World of Books is a Fascinating Place to be. Be it as a Reader or a Writer or both, You are going to be in very good and knowledgeable company when it comes to Books being around You in some shape, size, structure or form. If You have decided to become a Writer, then please tell these words to Yourself each time You wish to write or are actually writing…BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOU. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF WORDS!!!

  • What’s the greatest thing that a writer could offer for his fans?

You can call me old fashoined but I do not like the term ‘Fans’ at all. Instead of Fans, I would refer to You as ‘My Readers’ or ‘Book Friends’. A Writer can offer Knowledge. A Writer can offer Stories. But for Me personally, what I can offer You is a World of Dreams where the Dreams not only come true but also where the Dreamer emerges victorious in all that is pursued with their Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

  • How can your readers get in touch with you? Kindly Share your Socials?

My Dear Readers are most welcome to get in touch with me through My Social Media handles, which are the following:

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