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Interview With Suhani Bajaj Author Of The Book “Suhani ki Kahani”

Interview With Suhani Bajaj



Interview With Suhani Bajaj Image

Interview With Suhani Bajaj

Interview With Suhani Bajaj

Interview With Suhani Bajaj: I completed my schooling at Seth Jai Parkash Yamuna Nagar Haryana, then graduated from M.L.N collage. Got married in Saharanpur at the age of Nineteen.

I lived a life of a housewife for 15 years in a joint family and have seen many up-downs in life took every obstacle as an opportunity to move forward and polish my life. I lost everything in life: my home, Business, and husband. After my husband’s death, nothing was in my hand. At the age of 40 started my new life to prove myself from a small city like Saharanpur to settle in Gurgaon. This journey was harrowing, and so many challenges were there, but I never gave up & make it proved anyone can do if a single widow can do and start their life and prove at the age of 47. Now I am Running a Real Estate Co. “SUHANI HOMESTEAD,” in Gurgoan. I got the “GREAT INDIAN  WOMENS AWARD from this fighter spirit.”

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Tell us something regarding your Book?

suhani ki kahani is my first book. I had written it two years before but could not publish something that was missing there, so though I do more work on it, it will be more inspiring. Suhani ki kahani is book full of heart, Hope, struggel, and Healing.

The Book deals with every situation of life where struggling, but there is always hope and positivity behind every single time. This is all about in this story, and it’s about Junoon reaching some point.


What was the source of inspiration for this Book? How did you manage to write it?

Inspiration of source behind the Book is to many struggles which I went through after meeting so many people & listening to their problems. I could feel these are tiny things; maybe these are huge issues for others. Then I realized I would share my struggles & difficulties when they think about how they are blessed & feel happy. One day I met with a girl in Metro. She was writing poems & I also shared something about my journey. The story inspired her; she insisted I write my story to inspire others. Managing writing wasn’t easy for me as I have already worked full-time, but I intended to motivate others through my struggling life, so everything fell in place.

How much effort was put into preparation in the creation of this Book?

I had put my 100% to create Suhani ki Kahani. I have written from my heart to share my feelings. It takes almost three years to complete my Book; too much hard work and effort to make this story for everyone touch heart. When I write some line, I think other people can feel my pain. I have also penned down my thoughts on a piece of paper for as long as I remember. My childhood, my family, and my college life every single day

I am trying to remember, but I have written some memories of this story. So too much effort I have to make with my account.


What are the issues you encounter during this publishing journey?

I am a first-time writer transforming and transitioning into An Author with my book “Suhani ki Kahani. ” Writing a manuscript is comparatively easy though still challenging at times compared to getting the manuscript published and turned into a book. The challenge while writing a book is making sure you have a proper storyline.

The story is about a struggling woman yet steady to keep the Reader’s interest.

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Interview With Suhani Bajaj Author Of The Book “Suhani Ki Kahani” 22

As an established Author, do you have any advice for budding writers who are aspiring or not yet?

The world of books is a fantastic place to be. Be it as a writer, Reader, or both. You will be an excellent and knowledgeable company for books being around you in some shape and size. Structure. Believe in your ability to motivate others.

The readers must want to learn more about you, so what else can you do if you’re not writing?


I am a simple person, and first of all, I am a Buddhist practitioner. I love music; my day starts by chanting. This practice changed my life power of “NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO “is my life. When I am free, spending time with friends and family. And I also love to travel.

And finally… are we expecting more of your work? If yes, could you let us know?

Suhani ki kahani is my first book . I am writing more from my life experience or my work. As I am in the real estate business, there are so many things to be shared, and I want to share them with you.

How can your Reader connect with you? (Your social Handles)

My readers are most welcome to contact me through my social media handles. Which are following


Facebook – Suhani Bajaj

Instagram -bsuhani36

& LinkedIn- Suhani Bajaj

I have a YouTube channel as well. Name of Suhani ki Kahani.


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