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Interview With Vanshika Gupta Editor Of Anthology “A LITTLE MORE OF LIFE”

Interview With Vanshika Gupta Editor Of Anthology “A LITTLE MORE OF LIFE”



Interview With Vanshika Gupta Editor Of Anthology “A Little More Of Life”

Interview With Vanshika Gupta

Interview With Vanshika Gupta: A postgraduate in Economics and a writer by feels, Vanshika Gupta, also known by her pen name V, hails from the UT of Jammu and Kashmir, India. In the process of writing about anything and everything that she feels at her core, she has discovered her true self and everything else that was a blurred reality for her otherwise. She believes that words have a great power to inspire and heal and if used in the right way, they can do wonders. She mostly writes about the delicacies of a human’s heart and mind and firmly believes in the idea of ‘hoping against hope’. She believes in the version of a better us and the world, and with the same thought, she has created this anthology which very well depicts the idea of living and growing through this life.

Interview With Vanshika Gupta Editor Of Anthology “A Little More Of Life”
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  1. Tell us something regarding your Book?

When we talk about it, isn’t the idea of a little more of life too diverse and quite empathizing at the same time?

A Little More of Life is an anthology that tells the tales of self-discovery and never-ending hope. It is created for the purpose of spreading light and life to each and every person on this planet. Divided into 4 parts, each part contains a collection of poems, articles, and stories by 39 wonderful writers that are like their songs of the faith and hope in humanity and the universe, moreover in themselves. If you want to add the colors of a little more of life to your lives, come and join us in this journey and let us spread a little more of life from within to around.

  1. What was the source of inspiration for this Book? How did you manage to write it?

Today, we all are in some way or the other, trapped in this world of darkness and negativity; adding to this came knocking on our doorsteps, the most devastating corona virus pandemic. I had never been a writer before, nor the thought of becoming one crossed my mind in the 22 years of my existence.

I have always been a keen observer of my surroundings in general, the physical and the non- physical and the people around. If I have to be honest and truly honest, I considered myself to be the most overthinking and sentimental person in this whole wide world and it was not just me, everyone who knew me knew this. There was a time when I used to think that being sensitive was rather an abnormality. I couldn’t make peace with the fact that how could people be so indifferent? I felt everything so hard and thought that I would never be able to survive through the cruelty of human nature. Later did I realize that my sensitivity was not really my weakness, rather my utmost strength.

Thus, to be able to feel everything so deeply shouldn’t be cursed as it is the most precious gift we have been blessed with… we just feel a little more!

The one mantra that has been getting me going through the past years is, “Feel it and free it”

Interview With Vanshika Gupta Editor Of Anthology “A Little More Of Life”

Once we are aware of what it is that makes us who we are and what it is that adds on to this aspect of our personality, it makes the answer much easier to comprehend. It was the quarantine period that had me thinking about all of it and absorbing the essence of our lives which we were just living until then, that has today made me a writer.

I absolutely believe in this idea of ‘Vibing with life’. Given the making of this anthology, I chose this theme because I truly want the world to believe that no matter how bad things are today, if we choose to look on the brighter side and try to vibe with this life, it will never disappoint us.

  1. How much effort was put into preparation in the creation of this Book?

Compiling the requisite content for this anthology was not at all an easy ride. These 6-7 months have been the most challenging ones for me as I wanted to do full justice to this beautiful anthology as an editor and compiler, but I was not sure if I’ll make it up to it.

Here it is today! Going by the theme of ‘A Little More of Life’, I was devoid of hope but I kept on believing and striving until the end. With the beautiful contributions of my co-authors and with the publishing team’s never-ending support and trust, we are finally here, bringing to you our ‘A Little More of Life’, hoping you will find it worth it to join us in this journey of self- discovery and never-ending hope.

  • What are the issues you encountered during this publishing journey?

With an affable and quality organisation like Inkfeathers Publishing, there was absolutely no scope of errors or any kind of hindrance in bringing this book to life. With no compromise in the book’s content quality as an editor, the whole publishing process seemed beautiful and full of learning.

  1. As an established Author, do you have any advice for budding writers who are aspiring or not yet?

As an established author, all I want to say to the budding writers is to find a suitable platform with which they can take their footprints forward into this beautiful world of writing. There is a whole community of writers and poets out there and we can always learn something or another from them, but it is equally important to not make it a competition in our minds as it will curb our growth as an artist.

Keep creating and keep inspiring the world with your words.

The world needs more of us 🙂 <smile>

Interview With Vanshika Gupta Editor Of Anthology “A Little More Of Life”
  1. The readers must want to learn more about you, so if you’re not writing, what else can you do?

Music inspires me a lot. Be it writing or studying or simply passing my time by doing nothing, listening to music takes me to another level of consciousness. I like to cook occasionally and when it comes to organising and cleaning, being “the Monica Geller” describes me the best. :p

  1. And finally… are we expecting more of your work? If yes, could you let us know?

I’ve contributed my work in anthologies with publication houses like Writer’s Pocket and The Write Order along with Inkfeathers Publishing. I’ll be taking a break from anthologies for the time being as I want to better my skills for creating my solo book. But, since I’m a writer, I would keep writing my heart out and would be posting my work on Instagram.

  1. How your reader can connect with you? (Your social Handles)

Instagram- @v.wriiites



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