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Kristina Kika Kim XO Team A Sizzling Superstar

Kristina Kika Kim XO Team, A Team of Tiktok Stars In Buzz



Kristina Kika Kim Xo Team, A Team Of Tiktok Stars In Buzz Image

Kristina Kika Kim XO Team

Kristina Kika Kim XO Team, Kristina Kika Kim’s name is popular as a TikTok star and has a huge following on the video-based social media platform.

This beautiful girl comes from Kazakhstan but is now a citizen of the United States. He started his career as a model after graduating from school.

Kristina Kika Kim Xo Team, A Team Of Tiktok Stars In Buzz
Credit: Instagram/Kikakim


Stage Name: Kika Kika Kim

Nickname: Kristina/ Kikakim

Place, Date of Birth: Kazakhstan, 26 July 1999

Nationality: United States


Education: –


Height: 165cm

Parent: –

Sibling: –


Boyfriend: –

Profession: Model, TikToker

Hobbies: Dancing

Facebook: –



Instagram: @kikakim

TikTok: @kikakiim

YouTube: Kika Kim Official

Kika Kim Interesting Facts:

Often creates dance content with his friends on TikTok.

His videos on the TikTok platform are watched millions to tens of millions of times.


Has a group with his friends called XO Team.

Loves to upload cute and sexy poses on Instagram.

Creating mukbang content on YouTube channel but still slim.

Likes anime.

Sometimes doing anime character cosplay.


Is Kikakim Still in XO Team?

 Tik Toker Kikakim was a member of the XO team, but it is not clear if she is still part of the team. This article will explore the current status of Tik Toker Kikakim and her relationship to the XO team.

 Tik Toker Kikakim is a popular social media personality and content creator. She rose to fame on the app TikTok, where she has amassed over 4 million followers. Kikakim is also a member of the XO team, a group of TikTok creators who produce collaborative content. However, it is not clear what Kikakim’s current status is. She has not been active on TikTok since December 2019, and her last post on Instagram was in October 2019. This has led some to speculate that she may have left the XO team. I

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