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Sheryl Sandberg Surprisingly leaves Facebook after 14 years

Sheryl Sandberg leaves Facebook after 14 years



Sheryl Sandberg Surprisingly Leaves Facebook After 14 Years

Sheryl Sandberg Surprisingly leaves Facebook after 14 years: Sheryl Sandberg, among Silicon Valley’s majority of popular executives who helped build Facebook into a global web behemoth, is stepping down as the mom and dad business of Facebook, Meta.

Sandberg, 52, made the surprise news on Wednesday in a Facebook post, writing: “I hoped to stay in this setting for 5 years when I started in 2008.” “It’s time for me to begin creating the next chapter of my life, fourteen years later,” Sandberg penned the piece. I’m uncertain what the future holds–I’ve discovered that nobody ever is.

Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Facebook After 14 Years
Pic Credit Google

According to Meta, Sandberg will stay on the board of supervisors. When Sandberg leaves the company this autumn, another executive, Javier Olivan, will take over as chief operational police officer.

She intends to commit her time to philanthropy and also to her foundation. She announced in her post that she would marry television producer Tom Bernthal this summer.

Sandberg had a key role in transforming Facebook from a cost-free social network developed in a Harvard dorm into one of the globe’s most prominent social media platforms, with approximately 3 billion customers worldwide.

She functioned as a seasoned No. 2 at the company alongside co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who was running the firm in his very early 20s and was frequently described as “the grownup in the area” during the very early days of Facebook’s rise. Sandberg came to Facebook after years as a supervisor in Google’s marketing division.

Sheryl Sandberg Surprisingly Leaves Facebook After 14 Years
Pic Credit Google

Sandberg wrote in her resignation message on Wednesday that she was “satisfied” because he was simply 23 as well as she was currently 38. “But with each other, we have gone through the substantial ups and downs of operating this firm.”

Sandberg was in charge of advertising techniques, working with, shooting, and other management issues at Facebook. In 2011, Zuckerberg told the New Yorker that she “takes care of things I do not wish to.” “She’s a lot better at it than I am.” Read more: Sheryl Sandberg Surprisingly leaves Facebook after 14 years

Sandberg’s departure comes as Facebook, which changed its name to Meta last year, tries to remake itself as a hardware firm focused on the virtual reality-powered metaverse. Unlike the social network, the metaverse-related company doesn’t depend on ads, which was one of Sandberg’s specialties.

Sandberg has become a superstar author, having written “Lean In,” a 2013 book that became a touchstone in the campaign for greater gender equality in the workplace, in addition to acting as Facebook’s No. 2 executive. After her husband, Dave Goldberg, died unexpectedly in 2015, she wrote “Option B,” a book about navigating sorrow.

Sandberg was the public face of Facebook as it dealt with a number of crises over the years, such as Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and the months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a data-mining firm used Facebook user data for political purposes without permission.

Sandberg’s departure comes two months after she reportedly got a British tabloid to stop writing about her ex-boyfriend Bobby Kotick, who is the CEO of Activision Blizzard.


The story, which was never published, was based on court documents that showed Kotick’s ex-girlfriend had filed harassment charges against him and gotten a temporary restraining order against him.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sandberg’s advisers were concerned that the story would harm Sandberg’s reputation as a woman’s advocate, so a team of Facebook employees pushed to have the piece removed.

Facebook conducted an investigation into whether Sandberg’s activities were in violation of company policy, but the results were not made public. The company’s spokesperson would only state that the investigation was done.


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