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The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References

The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References



The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References Image

The Kashmir Files And Understanding It With Mahabharat References

The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References, The film “The Kashmir Files” by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has sparked public debate within one week of its release. It was released on March 11, 2022. The film portrays the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir by terrorists in the 1990s and their exodus. Every day, the movie draws more people to the cinemas. Many state governments have declared ‘The Kashmir Files’ tax-free, including Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana Madhya Pradesh Karnataka, Bihar, and Uttarakhand.

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The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References 23

On the eighth day, the film’s box office collections surpassed rupees 100 million. Its impact on people’s minds is irreplaceable. Therefore, it is essential to remember the subtle nuances that people noticed in the film and those they should not overlook while watching it. These details are derived from the Indic faiths and mythology, particularly Mahabharata.

OBESRVATION 1: Mithun Chakraborty’s name is Brahma Dutt. Punit Issar’s name is Hari Narayan. Atul Shrivastava is Vishnu Ram. Finally, Prakash Belawadi is Mahesh Kumar.

OBESRVATION 2: The film opens with a boy called Shiva playing cricket. Shiva is believed to be the ultimate force in the Indic faiths. Shiva is Anadi and Ananta that is Shiva does not have any beginning or end; it is Sanatan that is perpetual. This very name in the beginning scene subtly establishes the existence of the oldest surviving civilization in Kashmir that is essentially Hindu civilization and in a true sense the cradle of human civilization.

OBESRVATION 3: Brahma Dutt represents the Govt. Hari Narain represents the Police or Law and Order. And finally, Vishnu Ram represents the Press of India. The movie shows – in very clear terms the inactions or helplessness of these institutions while the atrocities were happening.

This character establishment underlines three lords, Vishnu and Mahesh. Brahma Dutt, an IAS officer, is depicted in the film. Hari Narayan, a DGP-ranking police officer, is Hari Narayan. Atul Shrivastava plays Vishnu Ram, a media person. Prakash Belawadi plays Mahesh Kumar, a doctor. Mrunal Kulkarni plays the role of Lakshmi Dutt in this film.


The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References
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LESSON 1: This movie shows the struggle between two narratives. You have Radhika Menon, played by Pallavi Joshi, and Bitta Karat (played primarily by Chinmay Madlekar). Anupam Kher plays the Pushkar Nath and Trimurtis. What are they fighting for? What are they fighting for?

Anupam Kher played Pushkar Nath Pandit in the film. His house is identified by a nameplate that says Pushkar Nath Pandit is a philosophy master. He is also a coach in theatre. Pushkar Nath Panit’s family flees Kashmir, the site of the exodus. They seek temporary refuge in a poet’s home. These are all signs of the rich culture that was rooted in Kashmir. It is a predominantly Hindu country. It is not the first time the atrocities were committed against the Kashmiri Hindus in 1990. The film reveals that this was the seventh exodus.

The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References
The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References 25

LESSON 2 – Krishna (played primarily by Darshan Kumar). This movie portrays the youth of India as Krishna.

In this movie, Krishna Pandit is a confused youth who doesn’t know much about his past due to brainwashing guides such as Radhika Menon (played here by Pallavi Joshi). Krishna, played by Chinmay Madlekar) is easily distracted by Bitta, an Islamic terrorist. Krishna is confused in the film as Arjuna, the warrior in Mahabharata. Before the Mahabharata war began, Arjuna sought clarity in his thoughts. Only after Lord Krishna’s guidance did Arjuna take up arms and fight for justice. Krishna is the same in this film.

LESSON 3 – We know that whoever has Krishna as their friend will also have dharma as their friend – which is why they both fought for Krishna. The last line of Bhagavadgita states this.

This is the last line of Bhagvadgeeta. It means: “Wherever Krishna, Lord of Yoga, is; wherever Arjuna, the wielder the bow; there is prosperity, victory, and happiness; such is my conviction.”

The Kashmir Files And Its Mahabharat References
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LESSON 4 – What did we lose during this genocide? Sharada, played by Bhasha Sumbli, is another name for Knowledge or Saraswati. The Kashmiri Pandits, who held the seat for our Knowledge for millennia, were murdered. 

Lesson 5: The film concludes with the death of Shiva, a boy who was named Shiva. Shiva had eaten poison to ensure the wellbeing of the universe. During the film, it is essential to remember that Kashmir’s Himalayan valley is home to some of the most fabulous creations ever made.


LESSON 6 – Sharada embodies love and support for a family. She teaches her son, even in exile, to keep him focused on school and not encourage him to follow a path to violence to avenge the atrocities they suffered. She emphasizes education, which is Sharada’s true worship.

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