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Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing? Know The Reason Why?

Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing?



Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing?

Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing?

Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing – Bitcoin is currently selling at $21, 974 (£18,000) as of this writing.
It has dropped 25% in the last five days, to its lowest level in 18 months. Its November high of nearly $70,000 feels like a lifetime ago. A graph depicting bitcoin’s depreciation in value.

Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing
Pic Credit Reuters

Bitcoin Crashing The Real Reason Why ?

This, according to experts, is due to the worldwide climate. Things aren’t looking good in the crypto world alone. The economy is on the verge of a recession; inflation is skyrocketing; interest rates are rising; and living costs are rising. Stock markets are swaying as well, with the S&P 500 in the United States now in a bear market (down 20% from its recent high). As a result, even the most affluent investors have less discretion over their funds.

And many ordinary investors—not wealthy hedge fund managers or corporations, but regular people like you and me—have less money to invest in anything. In these uncertain times, many people believe that investing in something as volatile and unpredictable as cryptocurrencies is a risk too great. Because it is unregulated and unprotected by financial regulators, if you put your savings in it and it loses value or you lose access to your crypto wallet, your money is lost. 

Why Is The Bitcoin Crashing
Pic Credit Reuters

Bitcoin Crashing Why NOW?

Because Bitcoin’s value is tied to its appeal, the more individuals who sell it, the less it’s worth. As a result of this, more people are selling because they can see the value declining… and the cycle continues.

What is it that can make things better?

In a nutshell, people who still have Bitcoin would need to hold on to them, while others would need to start buying it again in order for it to stabilise. This has happened in the past.

Crypto enthusiasts will tell you that now is a fantastic time to buy because it is cheap-and then you must wait for it to turn the corner. This has always been the case.


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